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Bill increased, no response since April 17, canceling soon.


Bill increased, no response since April 17, canceling soon.

I have posted three messages here regarding getting a new promotion. I posted first before the bill increased. I posted two more times after it increased. I just got my bill today, and it has increased more. I shall be cancelling. I have been a long term customer and would have stayed had anyone cared to help me, but no. Couldn't get through on the phone so I came here to no avail. 


Have a good day. Headed to the FIOS website now. 


Re: Bill increased, no response since April 17, canceling soon.

After dealing with this same type of service for the past two years, prior years were okay, I really doubt I will remain a loyal Comcast customer. I tired for three months to get a new plan last year, and had to pay a highly inflated rate for a couple of months before finally getting someone to help on the forum. 


This year, I tried to contact Comcast before my promo was up, and could not get through. Covid-19, I get it, and I understand. What I don't understand is posting on the forum on April 17, getting no respinse, then posting two more time and getting no response. This thread is the fourth attempt. 


I contacted Verison FIOS and of course getting installation shceduled is difficult due to the pandemic, and subsequent shutdowns in my state. I can get it installed, but it isn't as smooth, or as quick as it normally would be. If it were as quick and smooth as normal, I would have done it last week. 


As it is, I am contemplating sinply canceling Xfinity, and going without home intenet until I can get FIOS hooked up, or until I am classified as a new cutomer with Xfinity again, though I really have second thoughts about being a cutomer of Comcast anymore.


I understand that promos end, I really do. What I find distasteful is that during the pandemic, when there was a massive shutdown, making it nearly impossible to contact anyone in customer service, Comcast would go ahead with massive price hikes. At a time when many are not working, it is detestible. I am self employed, and my industry has been completely shut down. I have had zero income since the middle of March, and my industry cannot begin operations until the end of June at the earliest. It is very likely that operations will not resume until August. Even if they do resume, I am not guaranteed to get work until later. 


I have as of yet been unable to collect unemployment, despite the fact they made it possible for the self employed to collect. 


The fact Comcast went ahead with the price hikes during this pandemic, at the same time making it nearly impossible to get customer service, says a lot about the company. The fact that certain individuals who work on this forum, have chosen to ignore repeated requests for assitance, over more than a month, says a lot about them. 


I will always remember, and will choose my provider accordingly. What I am no longer, is a loyal customer. I may use them as a provider in the future, but I am no lomger loyal. Comcast has lost that, not that they care.  It is truly sad, since I gave them the benefit of the doubt durng this pandemic. But what I am seeing goes way beyond anything that can be explained away by the limited service available during the pandemic. 


Yesterday, within less than a minute, I got a live person on Verizon's site. Sad that in over a month, I have yet to get a person at all to help me from Comcast.