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Bill increased after dropping services - How? Why? I have questions.

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Bill increased after dropping services - How? Why? I have questions.

Last billing cycle I cancelled a premium channel for $8.99/mo - which was not part of a bundle or any promotional offer. We simply never watched that channel. Instead of my bill dropping $8.99 + applicable taxes, my bill is now MORE than it was before. Interestingly enough the current bill includes a pro-rated credit for the premium channel I cancelled. Why? How?  


I have reviewed my account and no other changes were made.  I engaged your online chat. The chat bot advised that this was due to an increase in taxes.  Taxes really increased so much that I not only lost the savings I was anticipating but was also charged extra? This is roughly $20/mo more than I expected.  Even at the sales tax rate of 9.5%, this answer does not make sense.  My last property tax increase did not substantiate such a dramatic payment jump. 


I pulled my last two bills and ran some quick math - my calculations do not match the bill. (I ran several plausable scenarios.) When responding,  please keep in mind that I calculate profit margins, commissions, and global market pricing for a living.  I further do not see any recent notices of telecommunication/television, franchise & excise, or use tax increases on the or local tax board postings. 


What is the breakdown on your "consolidated taxes and fees" line item and noted here:  Aside from an unidentified tax increase, which I cannot find any public record of, are there any additional increases? 


Since my contract time is up (also no increases were noted as a penalty for this), I will be researching alternative providers while I await a satisfactory response.  I respectfully request either a detailed breakdown of all charges - including - but not limited to itemized taxes, fees, and surcharges or an ongoing adjustment to my bill. 


Best Regards!