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Bill about to increase. No help from reps. Likely to cancel

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Bill about to increase. No help from reps. Likely to cancel

Good morning.


I posted on this forum at the beginning of the month.  My contract is about to expire and my bill will go up considerably.  A phone rep offerred me X1 and a new modem, and a tech visit.  That is not something I am interested in.  I like my services as they are.  I just bought my own modem and I don't want to rent one   and have a tech come out, or deal with new cable equipment.


I don't see why I can't keep my services, which I'm very happy with, at a fair price.  (I'm already paying over 230 dollars a month, and I've been a customer for over 20 years!)


If I have to change all sorts of things, just to prevent an increase, I will just cancel service.  There is a lot of competition, and my money is good anywhere.  My last post of the forum went unanswered by any Comcast Employees.  I really don't want to leave Comcast, but after 20 years, I feel that, for the first time, Comcast doesn't really care whether I remain their customer or not.  That is very unfortunate...

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Re: Bill about to increase. No help from reps. Likely to cancel

Updating this.


I called Comcast twice again to speak to a rep about options and possibly cancelling, and also to extend my bill due date payment arrangement.  I don't know what has changed over the last few years, but I've never been treated with such little respect by Comcast.


On my first call regarding my expiring contract, I spent an hour on the phone with the rep.  Even after explaining several times that if I stay with Comcast, I don't want to have to change my equipment or upgrade to X1, she kept trying to get me to agree to the equipment change and new package, which would still cost more than what I'm paying.  They even tried to get me to get mobile phone service.  Rep:  "Is your next call going to be to your phone company?"  Me: "Huh?"  Rep:  "Well most people trying to save money call their cell phone carrier next, because its a big bill too.  You can get..."     Really?  I love my cell phone carrier.  I won't leave them.  What kind of sales pitch is that supposed to be?  Not what I called for.


After adamantly stating that I didn't want to change to X1, I was lectured about how great it is, and how much better it was, and how it works for 15 minutes straight.  I stood firm and asked why there was no option to keep my services as is without a big increase.  At this point I was lectured about how great Comcast is, and how they're putting technology first to give a great experience to their customers and want to be the best, and to do that the old bundles had to go away.  It went on and on.


The call resulted in me basically being told, I can keep my service as-is, but I have to pay more...  That's doesn't sound like putting your customers first...


My second call was for a 10 day billing extension.  I've had to do this once or twice in the past.  It's not fun, and it's embarrasing to have to do.  It felt like I was asking for them to move a mountain or perform a miracle.  "Sorry, you have to use the automated system, but you have to promise to pay the full balance."


Finally, after having to explain over and over to the rep why I needed a short extension to pay my past-due balance (as if it wasn't embarrassing enough to have to ask at all) I asked for a supervisor who begrudgingly was able to help me.


So, I've been with Comcast since 1999.  If I stay with them, I will pay more, and get support of much lower quality than in the past.  What is my incentive to stay.  I see several reps responding to customer questions on here, but mine has gone unanswered several times.


I ask one final time...  Can any rep assist me with my expiring bundle?

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Re: Bill about to increase. No help from reps. Likely to cancel

Hello KCFR79. Thank you for posting on our Forum. We sincerely apologize for the lack of response you have previously experienced. I can certainly assist with reviewing your billing rates and package offer availability. We certainly value your business and don't want to see you go. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name so I can assist you. To send me a private, message click my name (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile. Then click "Send a message" and private message me. 

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