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Bill Increase, No Notice

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Bill Increase, No Notice

Hello! I'm posting here because when I finally managed to dig up a Customer Service number from the bowels of the internet (not from this site!), the nice lady voice told me that call volume is high right now, and my anxiety wasn't about to sit and listen to fake typing for an hour while I bit my nails raw. Therefore, let me dull my nails instead on my keyboard.


As of billing date Dec 16, 2019, my bill was $100.25, and had been that way for many months prior.
Dec 16, 2019 Bill
The next bill - dated for Jan 16, 2010 - rose to $106.74.
Jan 16, 2020 Bill
Okay, sure. $6 isn't going to kill me, and given the notice at the end of the previous bill (which you will see below this last bill), at least I was warned.
What I don't get is why, quite suddenly and without notice, that the next bill for Feb 16, 2020 increased to a whopping $129.38.
Feb 16, 2020 Bill
I have read and re-read all three bills. The December one has, at the bottom, a note about changes starting from December 20th. If this is the reason for the $6 then at least I was warned, even if it's a bit rude to do to someone trapped in a contract.
what I don't understand is how, very suddenly, the bill jumped $30 without any notifcation of, for example, an end in contract, bundle, or other services, nor any indication for the reason of increased pricing for the very same services I was using 2-3 months ago, let alone the ones I've been using right along.
From Xfinity, on the Dec 16 BillFrom Xfinity, on the Dec 16 Bill
There is included a table for specific prices for specific services in specific cities in my area (that I won't screenshot because I don't want y'all strangers knowing where I squat) but, again, the main point is the termination of the contracted bundle without any proper or prior notifcation.

I entered a contract with Comcast because my grandmother - now deceased, God rest her soul - used and trusted them, and I saw no reason not to, myself. This feels like a blow to both loyalty and trust, and from digging through the forums I've found similar issues to many others like me. And yet, things haven't seem to have improved.

If someone could please speak to me to resolve this grievous error - or somehow prove to me that I'm not being scammed after all these years - please enlighten me during your most convenient hours. I hold your accountability and integrity with high expectations and hope to go forward devoid of disappointment. I am often sarcastic, but I'm certainly reasonable.
Also: it seems I cannot access my contract at Does this mean that I do not have one? Or does it mean that someone has dropped the ball? And does that mean that if I don't like my bills to be at $130, I am free to look around for possible alternatives? I need that extra money to hoard toilet paper in these trying times. (Just kidding. I actually need it to pay for food to survive. I hope I at least made you chuckle.)

Yours Truly and Thanks Ever So Much,

P.S. While we're at it, can we nix the TV service entirely? Paying higher fees for a service I don't even use is kind of not cool.

P.S.S. The pictures don't work. You win this round, forum.

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Re: Bill Increase, No Notice

Hey @DizzyNugget! First and foremost, welcome to the Xfinity Forums, and thank you for posting the details of your billing experience thus far. I can understand the shock of the $30 increase, especially if you were not able to find where it came from. I'd be more than happy to review your bills and provide an explanation.


I can confirm whether you are in an agreement, provide you with promotional rates for new packages, without TV, and give you an alternative TV streaming option if you are interested. This streaming option would eliminate the additional taxes and fees that come with a traditional TV Package. 


Please send a private message with your first and last name as it appears on your account. To send me a private message, click on "ComcastChe” and then click “send a message."


BTW, I can see your images, but I didn't want to approve them because your address is visible at the top of each pic. We would hate to let everyone know where you squat 😉 



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