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Being duped with incomplete information

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Being duped with incomplete information



A couple of days ago despite protests from friends I went ahead with a new Xfinity connection and here I am. The agent whom I called clearly told me that my bill is going to $43 and taxes on top of it. While staying on the call I enquired do I have to pay anything more and there was  a stern and clear answer NO.


Trusting an agent I went ahead and provided my details. Great. The bill showing up was $54. I asked the agent again that why the bill is showing up as $54. The agent clearly called out that this is going to change immediately as this is for auto pay which i will opt for(flat bill huh!!!). 


Now here I am 2 days later and the bill is still $54. Calling the agent again, I come to know that I was not told the autopay will kick in 45 days. I have to keep paying $54 and then they may forget 45days later to change the bill amount and then I have to call them again. Now I am being told why did you not read the terms and conditions. WOWW!!!!!!!!!


This is such a big letdown. A company as big as Xfinity is duping people by providing falsified information or incomplete information and charging them accordingly. This is the first time such a thing happened to me and I think I should have listened to my friends in the first place.