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Being charged for equipment I did not order

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Being charged for equipment I did not order

I have been a Loyal customer of Xfinity for over 12 yrs
I was a customer when it was owned by Adelphia then bought out by Comcast which is now Xfinity
I have had the same boxes for over 12 years my box stop working so they sent me which was supposed to be the X one X Finity platform I receive the wrong equipment then after speaking to them again was sent the right equipment the X one but the main box was broken of the new equipment because it was the use box
I was told that they would be here on March 23 to pick up my old boxes , wrong boxes , broken boxes and I would be credit it back into my account for the wrong boxes which were sent to me by Xfinity by mistake is the appointment was rescheduled they want me to pay $1036 to get my service is turned back on until the boxes are scanned back into their system . I do not owe them $1036 I owe them $573.63 which I do not mind paying but I am not paying $1036 because Xfinity sent me the wrong equipment and broken equipment
The man who came out yesterday Friday to fix the broken box in my living room and set up the X one equipment that I had sitting in my living room since March 23 said it is not his job to take the wrong equipment and the old equipment that is sitting in my living room
taking up space
it is my job to take it to the UPS store or a local Xfinity headquarters which is over half an hour away from me so my services are shut off right now because I owe $1036 and I have to pay that in order to have services turned on and they will credit me back front till March 23 for the wrong equipment that I am being charge for
I have to give you my money for wrong and broken equipment that you sent me and your employee refused to take with him
I’m being charge for 18 boxes which I only have four boxes in my house set up only ever had four boxes
I have been on phone calls the Xfinity multiple times every single week about over an hour and a half about problems with my services overcharging of the bills nobody ever wants to get to the bottom of it they just want to take my money I do not want to pay for products or services that I did not order or using I just want to pay for what I/O and have my service is turned back on there is no reason you need to hold my money and then supposedly credit me back once the boxes are scanned into your system even though you’re employee of Xfinity didn’t want to take the boxes with him yesterday because he was too lazy so I have to give you $1036 of my hard working money that I work very hard for and work many hours for you to hold it until your representative is supposed to come out today to pick up the boxes I don’t understand why I have to give you the money to hold when I am having somebody come today to pick up the boxes
So my services are shut off until these boxes get scanned into your system which could take up to 48 hours or longer or else I can pay you 1036. to hold up my money this does not make sense to me
The representative I spoke to her name is Ashley she told me that she is a supervisor and there is nobody else above her which could help me resolve this issue I have been a customer for over 12 years and I am terminating my services with Xfinity I am contacting the FCC because I recorded our last conversation on the phone which was today and I know Xfinity is being sued by the FCC regarding issues just like this I am being charge for services and equipment that I did not order or use I am contacting a local lawyer after I speak to the FCC and find out what I can do to see if I could bring legal action upon Xfinity I know I have been being charged for the Disney Channel which I have called over four times and told them that I never ordered the Disney Channel and that I could never access it with the old boxes that I had for 12 years I’ve told him multiple times to take it off my account and it’s still on my account to date upon they told me I have 18 boxes in my house which is in possible 10 plugged in three DVR‘s I’ve never had anything like that ever we had one DVR and three regular boxes which my DVR in the living room stop working and I was unable to use it for about over a year now before the man came Yesterday to bring me a new Xfinity one box because the box that they sent me was broken I have had dinosaur equipment since the day I signed up for Xfinity I have never upgraded or change my equipment since the very first day I signed up which was with Adelphia at the time I feel that I am being taken advantage of my hard-working dollars are going for services that I never ordered or used I am contacting the FCC regarding this matter every time I call Xfinity I am told that we can only go back six monthsWe all know that’s not the truth
I just want to pay for services that I use and equipment that is hooked up in my house and I want my service is turned back on
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Re: Being charged for equipment I did not order

Hi @Lee3360


I can review your account to see how we can help make this right. Can you please verify your first and last name, full street address, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message? 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me. 

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