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Awful Service Expereince

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Awful Service Expereince

I just say Comcast has been my worst experience with a large company and if there were other service providers in the area I would most definitely switch.

Over a month I have been waiting for my issues to be addressed and to date not a thing has happened.

I have never been a problematic customer in terms of paying bills or refuting charges on my account and you can verify that when you check my account. My bill jumped by $20 which is hwy I decided to call.At that point I was told I authorized it a year prior and was given a telephone number that did the digital confirmation. That telephone number is not mine. It's not on file for me and I was not even in he country at that time. To date, no thought has been given to these facts. ALL your agents just keep reciting that line. whether they be supervisors or not, email, phone and twitter. After enduring more than 10 agent, (majority of which were extremely rude, one supervior even hung up the phone), waiting more than a month for a review and the onous being placed on me again to follow-up with your team still nothing new.

Another annoying factor was that I was being given other numbers to call because you can't transfer between alld epartments apparently and your agents don't think they can review the account so you are asked to repeat the entire story over nad over. If the agents were at lest pleasant instead of abrupt, impatient and rude it would not have been so bad.

Anyway, since I have no other option, I have reduced my package to internet only and I cannot wait to no longer need your services. I would definitely not recommend.