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Autopay turned on WITHOUT consent. Anyone else experience this?

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Autopay turned on WITHOUT consent. Anyone else experience this?

I had to deactivate the autopay on my account so I could arrange finances after a recent move. I deactivated it almost 2 WEEKS before the due date. The day the bill was due, I made a payment that I could afford and had $83.XX left. Today, 2 days after the due date, where obviously the autopay was disabled, I had an account issue to get resolved. Right after the issue was resolved, I noticed that my balance due was $7.XX. I looked at the billing history and my bank account, there was a charge of $75.XX pending that I had NOT authorized and Autopay was ON. I received no emails/texts about the autpay activation or the payment made, like I have received for all other payments or account changes. This is highly suspicious and makes me question the integrity of Comcast and it's team members.

I contacted support and all she wanted to do was blame it on scams, phishing, etc. That doesn't really make sense, since it reflects on THEIR bills.

Has anyone experienced this same issue? I hope that Comcast understands that this is a legal situation, as it is illegal for a company to turn on Autopay without consent.