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Alright, I think we all need answers ASAP.

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Alright, I think we all need answers ASAP.

After spending enough time reading through the majority of the complaints? It's clear that something strange is going on at Comcast. Almost all of us are complaining about a bill increase of some sort and most of us are desparate for answers, myself included. Before I say anything further, I'll urge everyone to look at their last couple of bills to verify where their particular discrepancy started and make note of it since in many cases I believe we're either being charged double or simply having past info re-added to our bills that weren't valid. Our main weapon and our only form of protection are our own records. Properly look them over and ensure you doublecheck all your info to be certain where this unusual change came from.


In my case, after checking my bill, I made sure to pay on July 1st to ensure my services were reactivated and I was finally current on my bill after struggling for a year due to becoming disabled. But this month's bill shows I'm paying far, far more for my services than I ever have. At first I wasn't sure where this payment came from. But now after inspecting the previous bills and this one? I can tell properly. I had since upgraded to Performance pro a long time ago, so my bill being around $111 or even $120 is not really strange for me. But $180 is.


After looking over my bills, it seems that after the covid-19 grace period was over that performance and a speed boost to performance was added onto my account ON TOP of my performance pro. I do not see how this could've happened unless it was intentional or someone's working with old information. I am suspecting the latter for many of us that their work at home databases aren't properly updated with all the valid information.


As is? I am most certainly not paying no $180 some dollars for internet. That is completely and utterly absurd by any means. If I do not get a satisfactory answer here? I will look into another isp and I will be taking my claim up with the proper department since failure to properly help and/or bleeding us dry shows that either Comcast is price gouging in such a pandemic or they're using their obvious stranglehold on the majority of services in their areas as means to force people to pay what they want if they wish to stay connected.


I do not begrudge the few employees on here that're trying their best to get to everyone but honestly there should be far more than a few of you dealing with an issue this big. And I can tell you now that the issue is only going to grow larger the more Comcast ignores it.