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Agreement Discounts No More?

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Agreement Discounts No More?

Current Customer. I have Internet, TV, and Home. I want to get rid of Home for many reasons, however, when I've called to change my plan I've run into the following issues:


1- I was sent a quote where the estimated monthly payment was $25 more than what the charges and discounts add up to. No matter how I do the math. Yes, I'm including all taxes and fees. So, that's interesting.


2- Ultimately, and more importantly, dropping Home should save me around $30 per month, which would be useful, however reps keep telling me that  it will actually cost me more per month (I've been told different amounts anywhere form $10 more to $40 more) to drop Home. This seems to be a result of, even if I agree to a new contract, there is no contract discount unless I'm a new customer? This can't possibly be correct. Especially since I've been told there is no early cancellation penalty for my current contract at the moment (given the situation of the world) and that my new service would technically be under a contractual agreement.


I get the sales strategy of the more I sign up for, the bigger the discount. What I don't understand is how can my quotes vary so widely from one call to the next? How can cancelling a service and entering into a new agreement with one less service actually cost me money? And how can I be told by a rep that there are no agreement discounts anymore when clearly they're being offered on the website? Can an employee possibly assist me with this?