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About my Billing & if possible refund

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About my Billing & if possible refund

Hello, I am Kwangyong <Edited>

I have a question of my last 2 years billings. l got start to use this xfinity from 2 yrs ago, June (2018_June). At that time billing is about just 70 dollar. But from when, the cost increased over $100 despite no any other changes. Absolutely I didn't do anything. Perhaps someday you included other service. I didn't use anything, just internet. I hope to give me the reason & I wanna get refund for the last overpaid amounts (over $100- first $70). In fact, I didn't know from which day the increased payments have happened, I just think without my any other choice, you did add some service. Of course I will remain to use this xfinity. I like the your network service. So fast & good!

I have tried to search for you customer support center email, but no use. Also chat with agent service perhaps closed. I understand COVID 19 blocked everything.

I usually use my email. So if possible, I hope to get your reply through my email:<Edited>

Give me the reason, refund & the reason of the last long months; increased payment!

Thanks, I will wait you.