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Last month I paid my bill without examining the invoice.

I checked it today and found a $5.99 charge for Jojo Rabbit which I presume is a kid's movie.  I did not knowingly buy a movie of any kind and certainly not a child's flick.  I'm 91 and my wife is 88.  Neither of us are in our second childhood --yet --.  It is possible that in checking the  many shows provided by Xfinity, I or she could have hit a wrong button.  Please remove this charge and give a credit for it next month.

Thank you.


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If an employee doesn't help you here in the Forums, contact one of their Billing reps and ask them to issue a credit. Call them at the phone number on your bill or 1-800-Comcast, use one of the options at, or visit a Service Center or Xfinity Store if one is nearby (check locations and hours at

In addition to getting the billing corrected, consider setting up a Purchase Pin on each of your cable boxes/DVRs and in the Stream app and web portal to prevent this from happening in the future. See and/or and/or


Always check your statement each month. Skipping it tends to be hazardous to your financial health!