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$70 residential trouble call that we were not made aware of

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$70 residential trouble call that we were not made aware of

On February 24th we called in for help with our high speed internet being stalled and often times disconnecting/turning off.

We called and comcast offered to send out a technician to help and took upwards of 30-40 minutes to do nothing but disconnect a modem and restart it. The WiFi to this day April 6th, stalls and isn’t at its greatest speed. Which in fact we pay for.

This month our bill come back with a whopping 70 dollar fee that we were NOT made aware of prior to having this service offered to us. With no problem fixed with the WiFi, I do not see the need to pay this amount. No mention from the phone representative, no mention of the fee from the technician, and no agreement made between us and Comcast before this about it.

With covid 19, no representatives are available to speak over the phone and the xfinity online chat keeps me going I’m circles

We have been loyal customers for years now and we’ve been failed by Comcast MULTIPLE times.

I need an explanation or someone from xfinity to send me a response ASAP.