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$70 Residential trouble call, overcharge on data, XFinity TV "free" trial

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$70 Residential trouble call, overcharge on data, XFinity TV "free" trial

So I start off getting Internet only service and this has quickly evolved into a huge mess of overcharges and undisclosed fees!


1. The Internet connection wasn't working so I call in and they reset my modem- everything works fine then...and the service rep offers a free month trial of Xfinity TV streaming...I agreed figuring I can cancel it if I'm not using it and it won't cost me anything. Next thing I know this broadcast fee shows up and my bill goes up!! So I call and cancel after 2 weeks but am still being charged this extra fee which was never disclosed at ANY point....


2. Internet connection flaky- they say I need a technician visit. Comes out and replaces some cable- a connector went bad - and I get a $70 charge for a residential trouble call. At NO point was I ever informed of any possible charge, either by the technician or the phone techs.


3. Then I get an email informing me that I went over my 1 TB rate- as a result of the not so FREE Xfinity TV app I had been trying out...but I won't be charged the $10 as this is my first month that I went over my limit. AND then a $10 charge for going over shows up on my bill!!  So now I'm at almost $100 extra for fees I was never informed of at any point and charges as a result of "free" promotions.


So is this typical? I'm just starting a contract after coming over from DSL- at this rate the slightly faster speeds are not worth it...calls to Billing just get me bounced around with no resolution....extremely frustrating

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Re: $70 Residential trouble call, overcharge on data, XFinity TV "free" trial

Hello MRYCali. We apologize for any inconvenience. I can assist with reviewing the technician visit fee you were charged for repairing your internet service. I can also go over our unlimited data option that can help you avoid data usage fees beyond the included 1 TB. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account. 


Also regarding XFINITY Streaming cable service, The Broadcast TV Fee is an itemized charge that recovers a portion of the costs of re-transmitting broadcast television signals. Broadcast stations have the right to charge for their signals, and cable providers like Comcast end up paying substantial fees in order to carry them.