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$70 Charge for Home Tech Visit

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$70 Charge for Home Tech Visit

I'm writing about a $70 technician visit charge that I've been told will be on my next bill. On Friday, February 8, 2019, my internet stopped working. I called customer service the next morning, and they tried resetting my self-owned modem. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the representative told me there was likely a problem with my modem. So, I went out and bought a new modem. I hooked the new modem up and called customer service to activate the new modem. The representative was also unable to connect the new modem, and she suggested there might be a problem with the wiring outside. On Monday, February 11, a technician visited my home. He came inside and asked about my problem. I told him my modem was not working, and I suggested there might be a problem with the wiring outside. He went outside and worked for a while. When he came back inside, he told me either that something had gotten unplugged or that he had to replace a cable. I'm unsure exactly what he said because there was a language barrier that made it difficult for us to communicate. He then asked me to try my internet. I did, and it worked. He also asked me to login with his mobile device. I also did that. At no point did the technician tell me there would be a charge if he checked on the status of my connection after fixing the cables outside. After checking the status, the technician then worked on the telephone pole and left.
I'm now being told the technician coded the problem as "customer equipment failure." And because the technician coded the visit that way, I've been told the charge is valid and cannot be waived. But no one has told me what was wrong with my equipment. After all, I'm using the same modem that stopped working, and I even tried a new modem without any luck. In fact, the representatives cannot even tell me what the technician did during the visit. They tell me only that the technician coded the visit as a "customer equipment failure." I find this problematic. I do not mean to suggest the technician is dishonest, but I think he might've accidentally entered the wrong code. While I wasn't able to understand most of what he said, I did understand that there was a problem with the wiring outside. Before the visit, I was told that I would be charged only if there was a problem with my equipment. Thus, it's unsurprising that the representatives are telling me the charge is valid. After all, the code says there was a problem with my equipment. But no one is able to tell me what that problem was. And because I tried a new modem, and because the technician told me the issue stemmed from the wiring outside, I'm very skeptical that was ever a problem with my modem.
I hope there's a way to resolve this charge. I haven't had a problem with Comcast since beginning service in August 2018, but I would rather terminate my service and find a new provider than pay what seems to be a bogus charge. If this is how things work at Comcast, I don't see what would prevent technicians from coding every home visit as a "customer equipment failure." Indeed, there's apparently no way to learn exactly what technicians do during their home visits.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: $70 Charge for Home Tech Visit

Hi there, bradleycraigmyl. I can do my best to make your situation better. 

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Re: $70 Charge for Home Tech Visit

It's just one more way that Comcast has of cheating you.  Recently I had problems with On Demand and the problem was with my cable box. Several times each I went though the steps of rebooting it  via online and via unplugging it.  Then I chatted with an agent who reset it about 6 times.


Finally we decided I needed a new box.  He said he could schedule a tech to come to my home. I said why don't I just replace it myself via the local store.  He said I could do that but he was not allowed to suggest that to me.  Went to the store, got new box, $0. 


I've been with them for about 15 years and they have the worst customer service ever!  I only stay with them because of the high speed internet.  A few examples of poor/cheating service:

* once when renewing contract agent insisted that in order to get the TV package I wanted I'd have to also get phone service that I didn't want.  AND if I were to get the phone I'd have to pay for shipping.......get real.

* they once charged me over $400 for my monthly bill.  Turns out they had charged me the year-to-date amount on my account.  Had to get my bank to settle it for me.  Comcast offered no reward for my troubles, did not even a "we're sorry".


There are a few good agents but that's not the norm.


Beware in all of your dealings with them.  Good Luck.