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50% increase just for internet service

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50% increase just for internet service

I have not had this service for even 2 years and it has doubled. I was at $39.95 a month, now it is $60.+.
Teenage sons use internet for homework and gaming. This is absolutely rediculious. A couple months back we got a letter stating internet speed increasing for FREE to 100. How convenient service price increases by 50%. There for speed increase was NOT FREE at all. We've been scammed and you don't believe me; check social medial. My friend has had internet longer than me through Xfinity but they did not receive increase and pay ONLY $20 a month. I don't want no smooth talking excuses, I want my rate dropped for being a loyal customer. Or, like many other I will be cancelling.
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Re: 50% increase just for internet service

Good evening, I understand your frustrations and I apologize for your experience. I would like to check and see if there are any offers for you. Would you like me to look at your account from here?