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$1.00 xcharge promotion

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$1.00 xcharge promotion

Well back in Sept U ordered 4 phones 3 xcharge. My rep had me do each order individually. A few days later I received an email asking personal account questions 4 individual sets of questions. I answered 1 set and thought maybe someone is trying to steal my info so I deleted the other 3.
A few days later I received my galaxy 7. I called asking where my x charges were . Their response in back order.
I called a week later again there still in back order. I said by the way someone emailed me asking personal account questions. They said yes you have to answer before the cellphone is shipped. I said well my sales rep never informed me. I answered 1 email and deleted the other 3.
Well I will send 1 set of questions out for all 3.
A week later I received an email. I answered the questions. I received 1 a week later. Now we're in Oct/Nov. I called again and was told there in back order.
I called again another week later and was told you didn't answer the security questions WE CANCELLED YOUR ORDER.
I asked who gave you permission to cancel my order. I've been told there on back order.
They said oh were very sorry. You can still order them. I said how much.
He said full price. I said why would I do that I already paid for them.
I hung up on him. I called back a few days later waited to speak to a supervisor for over 2 hours. I hung up!!
I called back again (now when I say this I always had to repeat wht I was calling and give my full account info 4 times and continuously transferred)

I got supervisor Amanda in November. She said go down to the store and buy 2. I said at full price ?? She said yes I will put a ticket it. I can see here everything is fully documented we could write a book!
I did just that purchased 2 charges at full price.
Amanda called me back personally. Everything okay did you get the phones??
I said yes... Amanda said I'm putting the ticket in... it might take a few weeks.
IT'S JANUARY 22, 2018 AND I AM STILL PAYING MONTHLY ON THE $1.00 PROMO CELLPHONES. I cannot express how disappointed I am in xfinity mobile. I have have been a customer for over 20 years. Shame shame for lying to your customers!
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Re: $1.00 xcharge promotion


tesitesi, thanks for posting. I can check on that price lock ticket. Please send me a private message with your full name and account number (residential) for help.