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New To The Help Forums?

Hello Everyone.  This Forum has been created for novice and expert users alike. We were all new users at one time, and this post is for those of you who aren't sure where to start.
Remember - there's no such thing as a stupid question!; But before you begin posting here in the forums, please take a moment to read the following suggestions that will reduce the amount of time it takes to answer your questions.
Forum Search:
At the top of most pages within this forum there is a Search field. So if you have a question about your computer or Comcast service, please try using this search feature first to see if your question has been asked and answered before. Using the Search feature may provide you with an immediate answer to your question. To search for a topic, simply type some words that apply to your question in the search field and press GO button. You can also use the Advanced link to utilize some additional search functions to help narrow the results of your search. To also help narrow down your search, consider using more than one word that describes your question in the search field.
Sticky Posts:
You will notice that some of the forums here contain topics that are always "stuck" at the top of the list. These topics are called a "Sticky" or "Floated" topics and they contain valuable information to alert Comcast members of new information or to keep the answers to frequently asked questions at the top of the list for everyone to see and access. You should review the information in each of these sticky topics to see if they contain the answer to your question before you make a post.
Additionally, there are 2 types of sticky topics:
Moderator or Admin Sticky Topics are topics that a moderator or admin has chosen to "sticky" (or float) to the top of a forum. All members of the Comcast forums will see these as sticky (or floated) topics. Only a Comcast moderator or admin has the ability to sticky and un-sticky a topic in a category for all Comcast forum members to see. You can identify these moderator or admin sticky threads as they will have a "mod" or "admin" icon next to their forum user name. 
Personal Sticky Topics:
You can create a sticky for threads that you want to review at a later time.  Click on Topic Options on the top of the Thread, and choose ‘Float to the top’.  This will move the Thread to the top of the Email Threads in the Forum.
Note: You cannot un-sticky a topic that a moderator or admin has chosen to sticky (or float) - you will only be able to un-sticky topics that you personally have added to your sticky list.
Creating a Post

If you do not find the answer to your question by using the Search feature mentioned above, then it is time to post your question to the forum. Please remember the following very important items when making a post to the forum:
Please remember the following very important items when making a post to the forum:
Always make sure you post your question in the appropriate forum:
Questions that are posted in the incorrect forum may get lost in the forums resulting in your question not getting seen or answered.
Always provide a descriptive Subject line for your post: The forum members that are here to help will generally scan the forum subject lines for subjects they know and are willing to help with. Make sure your subject is as descriptive as you can make it and applies to the topic of your issue. For instance, if you are experiencing an error with using Windows Mail, please do not use subject like "Email Problem" as this is very vauge and is likely to not warrant a response from others. Instead, try using a subject like "Getting error message XXX when sending mail with Windows Mail" - this is very descriptive and will quickly draw the attention of those who can help you out.
Always provide as much detail as possible to explain the question/problem: Providing too few or no details about your problem will result in no answers or delay the time it takes to provide an answer. An example of not enough information is "I cannot read my email" - posts such as this will only receive a response of "please provide more information". A better way to post this question is "I am using Windows Mail on Windows 7 7 and I get the following error message when I check for new email: include copy of error message here"
Start a new topic whenever possible. Unless your question or topic is exactly the same as what others are posting in an existing topic, you will get better results by pressing the Start New Message. inserting a question into a topic that discusses a slightly different topic only leads to confusion and makes it harder to ensure your question will receive an answer.
Check back for replies to your question. Because of the nature of forums, you will find that your question may not get answered right away. Make sure you check back on your post periodically for a few days to allow others to answer your question. Also, forum members here will answer your question here in the forums - they will not personally email you any answers so please do not add your email address to your post expecting an answer to be sent to you. If you desire, you can put a check in the "E-mail me when someone replies."
option that is at the top right of the page when you are composing your post. This will make our forum system send you an email alert when someone responds to your post which makes checking up on your post for an answer an easier task.
The default setting in your My Settings is to receive an email notification when someone replies to your post.
Always reply back to your thread to give a status report of your issue. As other forum members reply to your thread to help out, make sure to post a reply to let everyone know if your issue is resolved and what you did to resolve it. This information is important for future visitors to the forums who might have the same question later. Also, posting a thank you response to let us know if and what resolved the issue will tell other forum members that your question has been answered and others will stop replying with other options for you to try. 
Private Messages (PM’s)
At the top of each Forum page you will see a small white envelope 
This is the icon for Private Messages, referred to as ‘PM’s’.  A Private Message is a way to communicate in private, to another User, Moderator, or Administrator out of public view in the Forums.

When you RECEIVE a Private Message, you will see this:

Showing you the number of Unread Private Messages you have

To open a PM to read it, double click on the Unread blue link.

If you click on the little envelope, a window will open with tabs for your Private Message Inbox, Sent Messages, Friends, Ignored Users, and Compose new Message.  You can also access this area by clicking on the Username in a Thread or post. 

By default, Private Messages are enabled.  You can disable this feature in My Settings>Preferences> Private Messenger.

We at Comcast hope that your experience in the Comcast Help Forums is a positive one. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about these forums, please do not hesitate to let us know by posting in the Forums Feedback area or personally contacting any of the forum moderators or admin.

Once again, welcome to the Comcast Help Forums



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I am an Retired Official Comcast Employee.
Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast.
We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit.
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