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Community Features Summary

Search/Post Changes:

Search is a prominent feature that now combines the ability to post or search from the same question.  As you begin to type, related Topics that already exist in the Community will begin to appear.  You will have two options within the experience.  One is to do the search by clicking the magnifying glass.  The other is to create a new Post.  The Post page will ask you what section you would like to place the Question.  If you place your question into the correct area, the chances of getting a response are improved.


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Notification Feed:

The Notification Feed uses in-community alerts to inform you about new activity on their content or on your profile.  The Notification Feed uses a notification counter which increments with each new, unread notification.  The counter is the bell in the upper right corner of the Community.


The notification counter increments until you click it and views the Notification Feed, which is your personal view of actions other community members take as a direct result of your contributions.


The feed might include these notifications:

  • Receiving kudos on posts
  • Getting their posts accepted as solutions
  • Getting @mentioned in a thread
  • Rank achievements
  • Badge achievements (when implemented)


Notifications will also come automatically via email.  You can manage your email Notification Settings in “My Settings Notifications”.


Real-time Notifications:

Real-time pop-up notifications now appear based on the notifications listed above.  These one-time notifications appear for 5 seconds in the corner of an active browser tab and then fade away unless you hover over and click them to learn more. If multiple notifications get triggered at the same time, up to 3 can show at a time, with the most recent notification shown at the top.


Clicking a rank notification takes the member to their profile page, which displays the member’s latest achievements and personal community stats.


Related Content:

When viewing a topic, the bottom of the page now has links to Comcast Articles as well as other Community Content that relates to the Topic being viewed.  These links will take you to other content that may assist in answering your question if the one you are viewing is not completely relevant. 


Can you help with other unsolved issues?          

If you reply to a Topic that has not already been marked as an “Accepted Solution”, the Community will try to find a related post that has not yet received an answer within the same forum.  A link to that Topic will automatically be displayed within your reply.  If you are able to assist, answers, kudos and accepted solutions help others greatly and increase your rank and reputation within the Community.


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Social Links from User Profiles

Community members can now fill out more information about themselves to connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  To add your profile links, go to “My Settings” and add your profile links.  Once added, these will appear on your Profile Page.


In-Page Reply

At the bottom of each Topic Page, there is now a Rich Text Editor allowing a reply to the post directly above without opening a new page.


Answer/Posting Guidelines on the Post Page:

At the bottom of the post page beneath the editor, there is now a link to "Answer Guidelines". The purpose of this is to consistently place key information in front of the person contributing/posting to the Community.  It is both meant to be an upstream way of coaching the person on how to provide the best information that will likely result in a response as well as a way to encourage behavior/decorum. The latter is in hopes of alleviating moderation needs ahead of time.

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I am an Retired Official Comcast Employee.
Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast.
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