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Unable to log in to Xfinity Home Mobile App

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Unable to log in to Xfinity Home Mobile App

I'm trying to access my home security system via my mobile app on my iphone 7.  It has been working great until this evening when I tried to access around 12:30am to turn off my night setting.  I keep getting a message that "We're having some trouble logging you in".  I've selected "Try Again" several times and nothing happens.


I've also noticed that the mobile number that is prepopulating as my username is incorrect.  When I fix this or use my xfinity username it takes me back to the "We're having some trouble logging you in".


I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app but that didn't work.


Need help with:

1. Updating my stored username to be my correct mobile number or xfinity username.

2. Logging in to the app.

Official Employee

Re: Unable to log in to Xfinity Home Mobile App

zolezzi420 -- 


Thanks for reaching out.  I apologize for the frustration this must have caused.  We experienced an issue last night that we believe may have caused this behavior.  We believe this to be resolved now.  

That said, I'd still like to pull up your account & troubleshoot, but I need a little more information from you.  I have sent you a private message.  Private messages can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of any forums page.