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Two Step Verification

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Two Step Verification

Two Step Verification. I set up two step verification in my account online. I signed out and signed back in, (online at the website) it worked great.

But it won't work on the Xfinity My Account app on my phone (iPhone 7Plus)

I deleted the app and reloaded back to my phone twice, I reset the modem plus unplugged it for about 30 minutes. Still don't work. I get the message " Authentication Failed" after many tries. Hmmm does anyone know what's up or IF there is a way it can be fixed? Or is there something else I can try? 

Official Employee

Re: Two Step Verification


Hello Sherry31, I can assist you with your app. Have you tried signing into the app on another device other than your IPhone? If not, please do so now and share your results.