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Not receiving incoming calls notifications

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Not receiving incoming calls notifications

When I have the incoming calls notification turned on, I only receive the notifications if I have the email notifications turned on. If the email notifications are turned off, I no longer receive the incoming called notifications on my phone. Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Not receiving incoming calls notifications

I don't believe you are doing anything wrong.  I am running the Connect App on an Android smartphone and I set my notifications to the way you described how yours were and gave it a try and I did receive incoming call notifications just as I usually do.  Maybe this was an issue that has been corrected with an update?  I am running the current version of the app, 6.4.1.  Might verify if you have the most recent version of the app and if not after updating it give it a try setting your notifictions to the way you want them and see if you get the incoming call notification or not.


Hope this helps.