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Multiple Inaccurate Alarm Notifications via Text

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Multiple Inaccurate Alarm Notifications via Text

We have received 3 texts stating our alarm has been triggered today. None of which were accurate. The alarm was actually triggered at 9:35am and immediately disarmed, and we did not receive notification for that instance. However, we did receive a text just after 12noon (alarm was set to away and all was quiet at that time). I assumed it was a delayed text. But, a second text came thru about 3pm. At that time my husband was home and the alarm was disarmed. Another text came thru a moment ago, and again alarm is disarmed because we are home. This is concerning as we rely on this system to keep us aware of our home and safety. Have any other customers reported similar issues? Thanks!

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Re: Multiple Inaccurate Alarm Notifications via Text

Hi cmf1926 -- 


I edited your post to remove screenshots which contained personal information.  I'd like to private message you to discuss the issue you are experiencing.  Private Messages can be accessed by clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of any forums page.