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Connect App Text Messaging Stopped


Connect App Text Messaging Stopped

I had my voicemail and caller id removed from my phone service and turned off Voice2Go so the calls don't forward to my iPhone. Now the text messaging part of the app does not work. It says We cannot find your text messages. Please check back later. Logging out and back in, etc. If persists call 1800COMCAST they were no help. I removed the app from my phone and reinstalled it. Still get the same message and texting doesn't work. How do I fix it so I can use texting?

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Re: Connect App Text Messaging Stopped

I am not quite sure what you meant in your posting by 'turned off Voice2Go..." but according to the information on the page at the following link, it looks like the Voice2Go feature needs to be active for texting to work.  The link is


I don't know about the iPhone version of the app, I have an Android based phone and therefore use the version of the app for Android, but in the Connect App settings, Notification settings, at the very bottom of the screen is an option under the Voice2Go heading called Incoming Calls where it normally is set to On to allow incoming calls to your phone number to allow the app to ring on your cell phone.  When this setting is turned off, calls to your number will not ring through the app to your cell phone.  So that would be a way to have the Voice2Go feature active on your account so you could text through the Connect App but still not have your Comcast based phone number ring through the app to your cell phone.


Hope this helps you out.