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@bogus xfinity emails - @URGENT REQUESTS

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@bogus xfinity emails - @URGENT REQUESTS

I constantly get bogus emails form some bot that has spoofed comast customer emails - this is a daily thing. I know how to check and verify them.   I am just tired of forwarding them to the security team as they do not seem to be doing anything with them.  These emails need to be filtered / examined at the mail servers, not on my time at home.    Having worked in IT for 45 plus years, I know how this works and it is done at the mail servers and deleted before it is forwarded to the customer. For instance, this was from "Xfinity" but examining the email - its from <Edited> - don't know if its a valid account or not. If not, then Xfinity needs to step up their game and filter this <Edited>


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This email is from Comcast with an important message regarding your account. Please review your account.