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Wifi/ target server

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Wifi/ target server

My wifi has been hacked again and again! My location on several wifi information apps keep showing me 3 miles away, one app called it the target server, however there is nothing but a lake where it is being shown! My cell phone is also being hacked and showing up several time a week at another location 2 miles away and it reads ACTIVE ... showing me as I drive to the pinned location active ... I watch myself blue glowing dot drive up to where it is stating MY HOME WIFI IS ACTIVE and it’s not my home and I’m on a phone that doesn’t have anything but wifi service! I have made a police report as I have done before because I cannot seem to secure my HOME WIFI! Help, how do I stop this? Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Wifi/ target server

Is it just the fact that the location doesn't match that is making you think your wi-fi has been hacked? There's post in the "Your Home Network" forum right now where the poster is in Detroit but his IP location shows as Chicago.  I think that just means that IP location services are imprecise.  (In his case, very imprecise.)