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Unistalling Norton Security

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Unistalling Norton Security

I am trying to unistall Norton Security on a Mac Air and every  time I click on the unistaller, I get the endless wheel. and eventually have to do a force quit. I'd like to unistall all components of the Suite. Any ideas?

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Re: Unistalling Norton Security

Curious as to why you want to uninstall.  I was just thinking about installing.  Care to share?



Re: Unistalling Norton Security

While not the original poster, I had Norton at one time on my Mac and it became a resource hog. It also flagged all of the files in the plist as viruses and I had to restore from a back-up because I could not boot my system.  The majority of the Mac user groups recommedn any other virus program other than Norton as Norton and Macs don't play well together. The last time I talked to Norton about an issue on a client's system they told me we have known issues on the Mac.  I have a real good third party software I use which works quite well.

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Re: Unistalling Norton Security

Happy to help you.

We all sometimes need help to remove unwanted programs as there are times that something has gone wrong that will not allow us to uninstall a certain program.

Luckily there are some providers that help us by providing their special and dedicated "uninstallers", like Norton does provide, see below.


To uninsatll Norton on a Mac just go here to down "Norton Cleaner":


To uninstall Norton on a PC go here to download "Norton Remove and Reinstall tool":


Good luck.


Re: Unistalling Norton Security

@JohnUSA wrote:


To uninsatll Norton on a Mac just go here to down "Norton Cleaner":


Be wary of third party sites offering to uninstall security software as they might be a haven for malware. 


The official Symantec Support site to uninstall Norton Security Products on MacOS is here:

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