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Suspicious Email

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Suspicious Email

I received this email claiming there was a problem with my billing account. I took no action because it looks suspicious to me. First, I do not use automatic billing. Second, the email did not come to my primary email address, but rather a sub account. Third, I dropped it into notepad to read the headers and and don't recognize the addresses. Further, the entire email is just a linked image. Below is a combined screenshot of the email and the results I get in Notepad. I blacked out my own address. I assume this is fake and you will want to look into it. Am I correct? Untitled.jpg

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Re: Suspicious Email

If you look up the domain  (which is where the email is from) on you'll see it belongs an individual and not Xfinity or Comcast.  Could be he or someone using his server is sending this email.


Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)