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School Website Blocked

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School Website Blocked

The website is being blocked by Comcast Xfinity routers. 


Please notify engineers to remove from the list of blocked sites. 


Thank you. 


Re: School Website Blocked



Sorry for the delay in answering and not even sure the following info will help any - but I just stumbled cross this while searching for another solution:


And the Xfi advanced security is still blocking legitimate websites for many months now.


  • This type of website blocking is considered a "known issue". There are acutally 2 types of blocked website errors and information on how the customer can "work around" these errors, see below. 


Known Issue Experiences

Http Sites Flagged as Suspicious Site Visits

  • In their web browser, customers are presented with an Advanced Security intercept screen. Clicking on the Proceed Anyway link allows them to bypass this page.


Https Sites Producing Generic Error Pages

  • In their web browser, customers are presented with a generic error page that does not allow them to bypass.

In the case of both known issues, customers will receive a notification in xFi. They’ll be able to click the Allow Access link, but if they attempt to visit that site in their web browser it will remain blocked. 

For Http sites, customers can click the Proceed Anyway link on the intercept screen. For Https sites, customers can temporarily disable the Advanced Security feature.

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