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I'm having issues with Norton Sceurity Live Update just running (window open and progress bar stuck) without finishing. It caused my internet acess to freeze to the computer (not to other devices).  I ended up having to use a backup from TimeMachine (Apple) in order to access my computer in full. I fully deleted the antivirus software and restored took my comuter back to a previous IOS and then went forward to its curent IOS (High Sierra). I then went back to Xfinity and re-downloaded the Norton Securty Suite and installed it. I ran a full scan with no issues. When I tried a Live UPDATE, again it just ran and ran without stopping and I had to force quit the program. What is going on here and how can it be fixed? I have used Norton through Xfinity for many years, including after I updated to High Sierra, until now. Now I'm afraid I'm not really covered/up to date, and do not want to repeat the long process I just did to recover the use of my computer.

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