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Norton Security Scan Uninstall

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Norton Security Scan Uninstall

Every time I start my PC, Windows 10, an App for Norton Security Scan Uninstall opens and appears to run. I uninstalled Norton about a month ago but this comes up. It is listed in Apps/features (with NO File Size) and I choose Uninstall but it doesn't appear to do anything.

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Please verify that Windows 10 Fast Startup is disabled: - this has been known to cause some  Norton situations in the past:


If no joy with he Fast Startup setting, I know this sounds crazy, but a reinstall of Norton Security Scan and then an uninstall may assist you.


In the past I have seen users who couldn't remove the last remnants of the Norton Security Scan utility after it was uninstalled via the Control Panel and had to download a fresh copy from


Please let us know if this is any help!


Reinstall Norton Security Scan, and then uninstall a second time.



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Re: Norton Security Scan Uninstall

Thank you  


For the response. You came to the same result I did. But I have not followed through.


I removed Norton files I could find in the appdata and it stopped the Uninstall opening after start up but the Norton Security Scan still shows in the Apps to Uninstall and now I know that if I try to Uninstall from here that starts the process all over again.


Thanks again for your response.