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Norton Security Online

Update to post. I logged onto My Norton, then My subscriptions and saw there were 2 active subscriptions for Norton. #1 was Norton Premium Security with 5 licenses #2 was Norton 360 with 7 licenses. I deleted all the licenses for both of them. Along side of the Manage Licenses was a download button. I downloaded the Norton Premium Security, installed it, and now everything is okay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- downloaded Comcast Norton security online. After it installs and before I run live update, The main screen shows at the top, "Norton security online". At the bottom it shows Xfinity. After running a bunch of live updates, the main screen at the top now shows "Norton Security Suite" and at the bottom, a shield is shown before the word Xfinity. The letters in the shield are CG. Is this correct?

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The Norton Security Online (NSO) with the Xfinity at the bottom is what you want. 


The Norton Security Suite (NSS) with the CG at the bottom is the older version which is still usable, but not the latest version that Comcast offers. 


It does not sound correct that you have installed the NSO and the LiveUpdate (LU) produces a change to NSS.


Please use the following Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool instructions to remove all Norton that may be installed on your system:


Plese pay attention to the "I need help removing Norton Section.  Youj will desire to use the Advanced Options Remove function.  After going through the removal, restart your system and follow the instuctions in the following link:


Remember to run Live Update as many times as necessary for it to report "No updtes found" nd double check by Using Help/About from the main screen and verifying you have version installed.


Please let us know how things go!

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Re: Norton Security Online

Thank you for your response