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Norton Security Online

After moving and getting service switched over to the new house I got a notification saying that I needed to update my Norton Security Suite to Norton Security Online and was directed to the page that has the download link.  When I click on the big red button I get an error message saying that the page couldn't be found. 


I then looked for help on the Symantec website, and it was suggested that I use the Norton Removal and Reinstall tool - which I did.  After it finished I had the older version on my computer that asked for the PIN.  Since I couldn't find the PIN I called customer service and was told that I needed to download the newer Norton Security Online, but when I told them that I was getting the error message I was told to call Norton.  


The rep at Norton had me try using different browsers and, when that didnt' work, tried to get remote access.  Neither of these worked.  He concluded that the problem must be on Comcast's end since he couldn't even get access to my computer.  However, I just called Xfinity and was told that it was Norton's problem.  


At this point I would just like to get some Internet security set up, especially since I cancelled my subscription with another service when I was able to get Norton as part of my Xfinity.  Any help would be appreciated, because right now we're just going around in circles.

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Sorry the delay in answering - first of all, did you totally remove the AV you previously had, being sure to use that products removal tool?  If you can not find a removal tool, let us know the product and we will help you locate the tool.


Please try to follow the instuctions in this link:


I have tried the "Red Button" and I do not get an error.  Be sure you are logged into your Prmary Comcast User Account when trying to download Norton Security Online.


Please let us know how things go using the link above.



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Re: Norton Security Online

Thanks for the reply.  I have tried all of those things and tried them again after receiving your response.  I went through and completely removed/uninstalled all traces of Webroot, MalWare Bytes, and Norton.  The only security running on my system is Windows Defender and I even disabled that before trying to log into Xfinity and download Norton again.  The result was the same - "The page you are looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted."


I'm not sure if it's related or not, but when I go into My Account and click on Account on the top right, it says "Account ***" and my old address.  I assumed that it just took time to update and didn't know if that might cause problems seeing as how I already got service transferred to the new house, I now have Internet service at this address, and I had Norton installed on my computer from before we moved.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Norton Security Online

@godulio wrote: ... when I go into My Account and click on Account on the top right, it says "Account ***" and my old address.  ...

Be aware that typically Comcast will assign a new account number to your new location. Your current Comcast email address(es) (user IDs/logins) may not transfer to your new account, and Comcast may create a new Primary user ID for the new account. They often mess this up and don't tell you. You'll need to watch out for that as you "close out" your old service and "start up" your new service.


Double check your UserIDs on your home system with the Lookup tool at After you enter the requested information you'll see a list of the UserIDs on your account and an indication of which one is Primary. Note that the Primary UserID online doesn't always correspond with a name on your billing statement.

If the ID's are not as you expect, contact one of their reps at the phone number on your bill or 1-800-Comcast, or chat with them at and have them fix the problem.

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Re: Norton Security Online

Thank you BruceW!  While I'm not sure if the approach I took is the right one, your advice set me on the right path to achieving what I wanted.  I ended up having to set up a new user and then after that went through I was able to download Norton.  Other issues have come up now because of it, but that's something that can wait until tomorrow when I call and talk to a rep to get it fixed.  I really appreciate the help.