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Norton Check Subscription message

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Norton Check Subscription message

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the message that says, "Check Subscription" on the Norton Anti-virus suite pop-up (I have Norton Security Suite CG from Xfinity)?  When I click on the "Check Subscription" button, the computer "communicates" with the Norton server, and then it says, "You are protected" with a green banner and a note that says my product is active "until you cancel your subscription with your service provider."  But the initial pop-up remains when I click on the icon in the lower right corner.  


If I right-click on the icon, I can do an active update, then restart, but the "Check Subscription" note remains.  Ugggghhhh!!


Can anyone help with this problem?

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Re: Norton Check Subscription message




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Re: Norton Check Subscription message

See two photos attached. Please help. Thanks.
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Re: Norton Check Subscription message

For some reason it’s now working! Updated and protecting my computer now as it should. Thanks!

Re: Norton Check Subscription message

Not sure what operating system you are using, however if it is WIN 10, please trun off Fast Start:


Plese keep an eye on it and see if it returns.



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Re: Norton Check Subscription message

I have the EXACT same problem!

I have gone thru all of the updates (via Live Update... multiple times until it said that it's not required).

Then I turned off all the detection settings, then rebooted, then turned everything back on (via Fix Now).

Still the message and the popup windowto verify the subscription persist.

I tried to use the activation repair tool (above in the thread), but that stops working, as soon as I input the answer to the captcha (ie: 2+2= 4 or 4+8= 12) -- I tried several times.

Each time I try, it pops up an error window stating:

NortonActivationRepair has stopped working

A problem has caused the program to stop... yada yada yada.


I could do an uninstall / reinstall of the product, but I'd rather fix it if possible.

Running Windows 7 on an aging HP laptop.


Please help!



PS: I am 'puter savvy', so I do understand most techno-babble.


Re: Norton Check Subscription message

I can confirm that I get the same results as you do when trying to use the activation repair tool.


Most of the time the following info is the answer - although you have received a different error messge from Norton:


In the above a glitch occurred that caused the data base between Norton and Comcast to become corrupted - usually during the "is this user still a Comcaast customer" check that is run in the background every so often.  Contacted Norton Chat and informing them that you are in fact a Comcst customer has them check the data base and correctit to show user as customer and requires a reinstall of NSS.


I would suggest you try to do a remove and reinstall yourself using the Remove function (Step 5 I believe) of the following tool

prior to contacting Norton:


The following NSS FAQ may prove helpful if you need it:


Please let us know how things go.