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Network Security Notice

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Network Security Notice

I received the following email from ComCast and attempted to determine what was the underlying problem:

Constant Guard Security Notice


Customer Security Assurance Notice

Abuse Incident Number: NA0000249511888

Constant Guard Security Notice
Comcast has received a report of malicious activity originating from a device on your network. This activity may be caused by a virus and can be occurring without your knowledge. To prevent a possible interruption of your xfinity internet service it is important that you identify the source of this activity on your network and take immediate action to remove any viruses or repair hardware that could be responsible. The following steps are recommended:

Run a Virus Scan on your Computer(s): To help protect you security and privacy, it is important to regularly check for and remove any possible viruses from your computer. Comcast offers the Norton Security Suite which includes Norton Anti-Virus. The Norton Security Suite can be downloaded at

After spending over 90 minutes on hold waiting for various agents the final resolution was "we do not know what generated this incident".  I had already run a full system scan with Norton Security Suite / Constant Guard and found nothing.  The Comcast Modem/Router was password protected with a 14 character password and there had been no devices except my 2 laptop, 1 desktop computers and 2 iPad devices on the network.  

Any ideas from the field?


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Re: Network Security Notice

You can do all the manual scans you want but I would suggest getting a malware expert to have a look. I supplied a list of reputable websites that offer FREE malware removal assistance from a trained technician in this stickied post:


All the websites listed are affiliated with and their volunteers receive similar training from:


1. You will need to create an account at the forum (takes less than a minute).

2. Download and run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) or a similar scan tool that will produce diagnostic logs.

3. Create a new topic on the forum and post the requested logs for review.


If any malware is found, the malware removal expert will provide step-by-step instructions and guide you through each step in the removal. Peace of mind in knowing your computer is free of any bad stuff could not be easier.


P.S. You would need to do this for each connected PC or laptop. I doubt the problem lies with the iPads.


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Re: Network Security Notice

Did you ever resolve this issue?  I receved a similar email this morning.