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Internet scams

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Internet scams

I keep getting internet notifications that my account is being charged for QuickBooks Pro in the amount of $1481. I think its a scam but they are using  the Xfinity Logo for Just wanted to inform you of this scam, so no one else is scammed. 



Ronald Peterson 

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Re: Internet scams

@SnoPeterson wrote: ... they are using  the Xfinity Logo ...

Note that anyone can insert the XFINITY Verified image in the body of an email. So it's important to note not only the presence of that image, but that it is in the correct locations:

  • proceeding the email subject in the list of emails
  • above the subject when the email is opened.

See for examples of valid logo placement. A logo in the body of the email does not count.

Note that you only see the logo if you check your email with Comcast's Xfinity Connect webmail ( If the logo is missing when you view the message in webmail, the message is not from Comcast.

Unfortunately, AFAIK the logo is not present when you view one of their messages in an email app or program, not even in Comcast's own email app. It's only visible when you use their web email site.