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If Buy norton will passwords TF ??

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If Buy norton will passwords TF ??

Hello Im betting I will connect with the  "flying elephant" usaf.....long time no chat 🙂

If I buy a norton account thru' the link of 6 mo free what will happen ?  Will it transfer my current password account online I have free thru' comcast?

Will it make me remove and reload all that restart business?  Is there a new removal tool to use or dont? Im on win 10 (upgraded from 7) 

Will my current account passwords stay intact after all that?    Am I correct in the assumption if my pc crashes I can simply sign into norton online and download app to a device and access my passwords with the new account?

Thank you so much for your assist and dedication to this forum over the years...hats off to you!!



Re: If Buy norton will passwords TF ??



Yup, I am still flying!  Long time - hope all is good on your end!


I have also been blinded sided by this email regarding the end of NSO.


Since you have an online vault for your passwords - you also have already established a Norton Account to which your Norton Password Manager (NPM) is associated with. 


I have been using the retail verion of Norton with my android phones, laptop, WIN 10 PC and iPads.  I have only had Comcast's free NSO installed on an older WIN 7 PC for the sake of being able to use it for reference when answering NSO questions on this forum. 


That said, I have only one Norton Account and  the Norton Password Managers on all my systems stay synced, thus I see no problem with your current NPM entires being available on a "new install" of the Norton product being offered to Comcast users at a  reduced price and with a free trial.


All that said, when downloading/installing the "new install" and using the same Norton Account you have already established - the installation should remove any old versions of Norton (NSO in your case) and install the new version you choose.  It's been a long time since I reinstalled Norton, but you should be asked if you already have a Norton Account or need to create a new one - this is where you would enter you exsisting Norton Account info.


Please come back with any addtional questions and let us know how thwe switch goes if you proceed with it! 

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Re: If Buy norton will passwords TF ??

I agree with the password manager (or vault) comments and have been using it for years.  Even though the vault should appear after the new install, I would do an export (backup) prior.  I try to do it 2x a year anyway.  "Murphy" might just be hidding in the bushes so the backup always a good thing to do.