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Comcast built me a new firewall and gave me a new IP address, but these hackers are still getting through. What can I do? Besides blowing up my computer. Thanks. I'm so ill. There making me pull out my hair. Really would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks 😘
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Re: Hackers

According to my $300+ Netgear router, I get over 1,000 hack attempts a day. This since 2012. I have gone through over 50 Comcast, and 15 private purchase modems. I currently have to pay close to an additional $100 a month for private DNS, 3 Top of the line VPNS, THAT SWITCH HOURLY, AND RANDOMLY, AND MY OWN PRIVATE SECURITY CERTIFICATE. With that, I am down to maybe 2-3 attempts a day. Really, all you can do is, switch to another company, who could have the same, or worse, problems, do what I did, educate yourself, invest more money, time, and effort, or lastly, get a server, learn to run Linux first, then Windows in a virtual environment, and keep important, secure files on an encrypted drive that you only operate for short periods, only when you need those files. If you have a secure server at work, talk to the sys admin, he can help you alot if you take him out for a coffee/beer or ???