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Free Norton and my iPad

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Free Norton and my iPad

My iPad is not connected to a carrier so can I download the free Norton onto it?

Re: Free Norton and my iPad

Hi pattimcmac,


The free version of Norton security Suite cannot be downloaded onto your ipad. 


System requirements.PNG



There is Norton Mobile which is offered at a discounted price to Comcast customers:


Bear in mind,  Norton does not provide any antivirus features for IOS devices, iPad and iPhone.  The only features you get are the contact backup and the lost phone finder.


From this link:


Key features for iPhones or iPads

    • Anti-Theft:

      Helps you locate your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad on map. You can also initiate an Internet call to your missing device if it is not locked.

    • Contacts Backup:

      Restores and shares your contact information across your Android, iPad, or iPhone






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Re: Free Norton and my iPad

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