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Fraudulent activity on public xfinitywifi hotspots

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Fraudulent activity on public xfinitywifi hotspots

I have been informed that somebody (supposedly me) has been sharing copyrighted material via my account. I checked the IP address and noticed that it occurred via public xfinitywifi hotspots.


My password is very secure (12+ digits, upper/lower case, special characters, no dictionary words) and I haven't share my password, so something really strange is going on. I strongly doubt that my password has been guessed.


I spent 4h on the phone with various comcast representatives but nobody knew how to help me.


I have changed my username and password for the xifinitywifi hotspots, but am still able to connect with e.g. my phone without being prompted for a new username/password.


How can I completely disable my access to all public xfinitywifi hotspots to stop this activity?


Re: Fraudulent activity on public xfinitywifi hotspots

XfinityWiFi Hotspots are avavailable to anyone with a valid, active Comcast Internet account. You can, however disable the HotSpot for your gateway.


You'll find iinstructions here:

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Re: Fraudulent activity on public xfinitywifi hotspots

Go to settings/wifi and tell the phone to forget both lowercase xfinity and upper case XFINITY hotspots.    Next time you encounter xfinity or XFINITY hotspot, intentionally log in with a wrong username and password.   Cache the wrong-username/wrong-password for always/future use if possible.     Do this for any browser that pops up automatically via settings/wifi plus every browser app you have on the phone.    (Clear/make-wrong the cached password for each browser in case it lands on an xfinity login page.).    Other approaches:  uninstall and reinstall all browsers without reimporting old account/password info.   Or go to settings/storage and delete all cached data/accounts on the phone.   Or factory-reset your phone, an approach that may help to cover the theoretical possibility that your phone is really somehow compromised and maybe actually doing botnet stuff like proxying copyrighted material in the background.