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I received an email stating my account is limited and under all these words is words in blue that say “Confirm My Account”. Is this leggitt or not. Could this be a hosx because I did not hit it. This is the second time this has happened. I called last time I received something like this they said no nothing is wrong with my account and delete the email. Is this the same thing? And if so how are they getting through?
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Re: Email

Can't say for sure without being able to examine the message, but chances are about 99 out of 100 that it's a phishing email, a scammer attempt to steal login and account information. If you check your email with Comcast's Xfinity Connect webmail, look for the XFINITY Verified Email logo next to any message that claims to be from Comcast/Xfinity (see

Please see Comcast Email Phish or Legit? How to Tell (and rules for posting) for more information about identifying, reporting, and posting phishing emails. The article is somewhat out of date, but still useful.

Samples of recent phishing messages can be found at under "Top Phishing Scams".