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Dealing with malicious (or spam) emails -- NEVERMIND

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Dealing with malicious (or spam) emails -- NEVERMIND

==========Sorry, I see the answer in the thread======================

Using the webmail console does in fact do something like this. Otherwise the messages can be forwarded from the local client to . My bad!


Is there any value at all to dealing with malicious email (by calling it spam) on the webmail interface rather than in a local email client?

I would hope that Comcast is doing analysis of these emails in order to enhance their blocking software. It would seem to me that classifying them as spam would support this. I don't see how blocking them in my local client would contribute to that.


By the way - these emails look potentially very nasty... like they could be point directly to servers that distribute malware - possibly ransomeware. They get through pretty frequently.


If anybody knows a comcast security alias to forware them to, I would be happy to do so.