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Daily DoS attacks and unusally high data usage. Help!

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Daily DoS attacks and unusally high data usage. Help!

Seeing these DoS attacks daily and I have an unusally high average daily data usage, I'm talking into the 40's of GBs topping off over 70 GBs on a a Wednesday when no one is even home. Tech support on the phone has no advice, no suggestions, nothing. They cant (or wont) tell me anything other than how much data I am using daily. Any tips on how to dispute this with xfinity and/or to stop the DoS attacks daily? (Check the attached img to this post)

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Re: Daily DoS attacks and unusally high data usage. Help!

I am just another customer but I work in the service provider industry. You can either


1) continue to contact Comcast and give them the source IP of the attack then ask them contact the owners of the source computer or service provider of the owners. Or you could ask them to give you a new Public IP.  Or leave your cable modem and down for at least 24 hours then you may get a new IP depending on the lease time. 


2) contact the owner directly and tell them a computer or server is DOS attacking your router. Let’s like the owner is Carnegie Mellon and it’s a lab computer or server. Pretty funny. I thought those guys were smart. It maybe the case that the source IP is spoofed ( fake ) but normally if that is the case the IP is randomly changing.



Heres the the link to CMU support. I use to do this when I first started out. I almost want to call them myself.


IP address:
ISP: Carnegie Mellon University
City: Pittsburgh
Region: Pennsylvania