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Customers having issue with my domain

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Customers having issue with my domain

I’ve pin pointed an issue with my domain Randomly customers will tell us that they can’t connect to our website. This is because they are on xfinity WiFi. I confirmed this with a friend today. I asked him to turn off his WiFi, then our site worked. My hosting company, weebly, has told me that Comcast simply needs to recrawl my site and deem it safe. When i call Comcast support though, no one knows what I’m talking about and they don’t even know where to point me. Today i dealt with Molly and my case # is CR916827087 Can someone PLEASE help me with this?

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I am using Xfinity  WiFi and had no problem getting to your site on my Android Phone.  I do not have xFi - thus no Advanced Security function on my WiFi.  


Please go to the following thread which I believe may be the same as your situation:


It may not solve your situation, but it appears to be worth a try. 


Perhaps you can check with your friend to see if they are using xFi and Advanced Security to narrow the cause down a bit more.


Sorry I couldn't help more!




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