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Copywrite Strikes not coming from my IP

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Copywrite Strikes not coming from my IP

<Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. I have called them 4 times in the last 72 hours. I have had 8 copywrite strikes from an IP that does not belong to me. I keep asking what I need to do. I have my router in bridge mode. Xfinity hot spot disabled. I have reset my Xfinity password 3 times and I’m still getting strikes, received 2 more overnight. IP address traceroute is In Minneapolis Minnesota area and I’m in the Chicago area. I have deep packet inspection on my Ubiquiti router. No incoming or outgoing P2P network connections and my public IP does not match the IP on the notices. I’m very concerned regarding my security and every time I call Comcast they say I shouldn’t worry about it. In addition every time i call I get a customer service agent that infers I’m breaking the law or “I know what I’m doing and just need to delete the downloaded content”. The last one told me, well if it isn’t you you have nothing to worry about so why call? Absolutely a joke and I’m getting my own attorneys to write up a potential deformation of character lawsuit if I keep getting my name attached to potential copywrite issues. Comcast really needs to get their stuff together. I’ve done my due diligence and I keep trying to work this out. Absolutely unbelievable that I could be liable for copywrite infringement someone else is downloading across the country. I don’t see how they can’t just ban the MAC address of the offending party and make it go away. Either way if i continue to get these notices after i have made multiple attempts to have this corrected this will be escalated to the courts.

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Re: Copywrite Strikes not coming from my IP

Hi @Chrishex


Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for using the Xfinity Forums to make us aware of the issues you're having. I'd like to help get this resolved. Please send me a message by clicking on my name, "ComcastChe" then click send a message. In the body of this message please verify your first and last name, and the name of the account holder if it's different than yours. 

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