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Alternatives to Norton


Alternatives to Norton

What are foks that do not have an Xfinity Gateway plannig to replace Norton with?

Subscribe to Norton? Others?


Re: Alternatives to Norton



I do not use the Xfinity Gateway and have received the same email as everyone else - the link works for the free trial and reduced rates for Norton:


Norton 6-month trial exclusively for Xfinity customers


You can also choose to continue your protection through Norton. Norton has two exclusive offers for Xfinity customers using Norton Online Security. These two plans give you comprehensive device security, including antivirus, password manager, and more. Plus, you’ll get a 6-month free trial.

When you sign up, your free trial will begin right away.


The blue signup above is a clickble link.


That said,  you need to do some research, decide what protection you need and what your budget can afford.  You can also read thru the threads here on this forum and see what others have suggested.


Bottom line is you have to decide which is best meests the need for protection for your system(s).

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Norton Temp Free Alternatives

Most Customers know by now that Comcast will not be providing free AntiVirus software from Norton as of 01/01/2021. Temperary Alternatives are Available.

  1. Norton offers a 6 month free trial to existing Comcast Customers
  2. Windows Defender Antivirus - Good free alternative! if you have Windows 10, version 1703 and Later. Since version 1703, it has improved a lot! Good free antivirus for the user who does minimal browsing.
  3. AVG - Another good free alternative!
  4. Avast 
  5. Avira
  6. Bitdefender

Please Reply with more suggetions.

I state these are temperary alternatives, because nothing beats or gives you peace of mind, like a good fully functioning paid for antivirus software.

P.S. One could go for almost a year skirting on free offers from all the antivirus software companies out there! 😀


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norton replacement

is windows defender an adequate replacement for norton?

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Re: norton replacement

no, not at all it doesnt do much of anything

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Re: norton replacement

I wouldn't rely on Defender by itself as primary. You can set it to do periodic scans even with another AV installed though. So as a secondary it's ok.

I replaced Norton on all the PC's with Bitdefender free. Used same account for all, which supports up to 30 devices, and allows you to monitor all devices at once.

I would rather have installed Eset Nod32, but they don't have a free version for PC.

On the Android devices I replaced Norton with Eset mobile (which turns into free Eset antivirus (aka Nod32) after the 30 day trial ends). Eset scans all the files on your card/device, not just installed apks (android apps).

Installing AV on mobile is controversial. Some say you don't need it. It's a known fact that malware always seems to get by Google's scanners on the Play store though. I don't want to take the chance as I do mobile banking, taxes, etc. Also, I torrent, and I also share/download files from websites/off internet, and I don't want my mobile device to be a vector that can infect our PC's, or other network IoT/smart devices when I connect to them.

There is a lot of Android malware out there. It's easy to get infected. I run AV/anti-malware on mobile just to be safe.