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X1 Eye Control

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X1 Eye Control

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Re: X1 Eye Control

I have read your webpage talking about EyeControl of X1 box, it sounds like a good sloution for my wife who has ALS and very limited use of her hands.  She could use voice control but cannot push and hold the voice command button on the remote.   

I went to check it out and was very dissapointed to discover that it seems not to be compatable with Xfinities latest technology.   Our Community has a bulk contract with Xfinity, and they recently forced all residents to "Upgrade to Xfinitie's new FiberOptic system.   Part of the "upgrade" process was to take away our big X1 set-top box and replace it with a small X1 companion box.  We were told that all the X1 capabilities were build into the new Fiber Optic Modem (PON).    But when I try to access the eyecontrol remote webpage, I have to press a button that "checks" compatability, it responds by saying I do not have an X1 box.   I have found that all the other features of the old X1 box works with the new fiber system, but am puzzled the the eyecontrol does not.   Does the code for checking compatability need to be updated to reconize the new (PON system) as compatible.  Or did Xfinity "break" that compatability with the new "up-graded" system.    

I would gladly down-grade to the Old Coax based X1 system, but have been told that the Coax infrastructure in our community will be removed very shortly, and our bulk agreement does not allow reverting once you have "upgraded" to a less capable system.


Does anyone know if there is a sloution to this "Catch-22"  GOTYA.