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Accessibility Assistance Remote (Large-Button)

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Accessibility Assistance Remote (Large-Button)


Comcast offers a large-button remote to Accessibility customers upon request. The large-button remote is a third-party device, offered free of charge, that delivers improved readability of the remote keys and may be easier for our elderly or visually impaired customers to use.

The large-button remote is simple to program and can operate two devices at once, such as your TV Box and television. The remote is pre-programmed to work with Comcast's Motorola TV Boxes and TV Adapters. Comcast provides this device for our customers and offers help and support for using it, though we do not manufacture it ourselves. The remote control requires installation of four new AA batteries (included).


Front of Remote:

Front of XFINITY large button remote.


Back of Remote:

Back of the XFINITY large-button remote.


Button Descriptions:

  • TV POWER: Turns your TV on or off (if programmed)
  • ALL POWER: One button to turn the TV Box and TV (if programmed) on or off
  • SETUP: Used for programming the remote for control of your TV
  • Backlight: Turns the backlight on or off
  • CC: Not functional at this time (reserved for future one-touch Closed Captioning access)
  • LANG: Not functional at this time (reserved for future secondary audio program - one-touch access)
  • xfinity: Enters the On-Screen Guide menus
  • GUIDE: Accesses the guide
  • REW: Rewinds playback of an XFINITY On Demand program or DVR recording
  • PLAY: Plays an XFINITY On Demand program or DVR recording
  • FFWD: Fast-forwards an XFINITY On Demand program or DVR recording
  • STOP: Stops playback of an XFINITY On Demand program or DVR recording
  • PAUSE: Pauses playback of an XFINITY On Demand program or DVR recording
  • REC: Initiates recording of a program on the DVR
  • PAGE Up/Down: Scrolls through menu screen pages
  • CH /-: Selects the next-higher or next-lower channel
  • VOL /-: Controls the volume on the TV Box or TV (if programmed)
  • MUTE: Turns the sound on and off
  • Keypad (0-9): Selects the channel you want to view
  • A,B,C,D: Perform different functions depending on where you are in the On-Screen Guide
  • OK Select: Selects the highlighted item within the guide
  • LAST: Returns to the previous channel menu or guide screen
  • INFO: Provides a program description
  • EXIT: Exits guide screen and returns you to TV viewing

Buttons with descriptions - same as text above.


Button Layout:

From top left to bottom right, the large-button remote is laid out as follows.

  • Row one: Closed Captioning, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward, TV Power, and All Power
  • Row two: Language, Stop, Pause, Record, Setup, and Backlight
  • Rows three, four and five: Number buttons, just like a telephone's keypad
  • Row six: Volume Up, the 0 button, and Channel Up
  • Row seven: Volume Down, the XFINITY Menu button and Channel Down
  • Row eight: Mute, Up Arrow, Page Up and Exit
  • Row nine: Guide, Left Arrow, OK, Right Arrow, A and B buttons
  • Row ten: Info, Last, Down Arrow, Page Down, C and D buttons


Program the Remote to Your TV Box:

Your remote is pre-programmed to operate XFINITY TV Boxes. If you're using a Motorola or Cisco TV Box provided by XFINITY, you may need to program the remote for Motorola or Cisco mode using the following steps:

  1. Turn on your TV and TV Box and ensure that the included AA batteries have been installed in your large-button remote.
  2. If the large-button remote already controls your TV Box, no further steps are required.
  3. If the remote does not yet control your TV Box, press and hold the SETUP button for five seconds. The LED indicator will turn from red to green. Then:
    • Press A for control of an X1 TV Box
    • Press B for control of a Motorola brand TV Box or
    • Press C for control of a Cisco or Scientific-Atlanta brand TV Box.
  4. Press the XFINITY button to verify that the remote is controlling the TV Box properly.


Program the Remote to Your TV:

To program your remote for control of TV power and volume, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the remote's batteries, and make sure both your TV and TV Box are turned on.
  2. Refer to the TV Device Codes list included with the remote to locate your TV manufacturer.
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button on the remote until the status LED light changes from red to green.
  4. Enter the first code listed for your TV manufacturer. The status LED should flash green twice when the code is entered. Then press SETUP again.
  5. Press the TV POWER button on the remote. If the TV turns off, you have successfully programmed your remote.
  6. Turn the TV back on, and verify that the volume and MUTE buttons are controlling the TV sound properly.
  7. If the TV does not turn off, or the volume and MUTE buttons do not work, repeat the steps above using the next code listed under your TV manufacturer in the remote's TV Code list.


Can't find your code?
If you cannot program the remote for TV control using the codes provided for your manufacturer, please follow the steps below to search through all available codes. You can also search the Device Codes list.

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Press and hold the SETUP button for five seconds. The LED indicator will turn from red to green.
  3. Press the CH button repeatedly to search through the manufacturer codes until the TV turns off.
  4. Once the TV turns off, press the SETUP button. The status LED light on the remote should flash green twice.
  5. Press the TV POWER button on the remote. If the device turns on, you have successfully programmed the remote for control of your TV.


Requesting a Large-Button Remote:

Customers who are interested in ordering a large-button remote should contact the Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities.


More Information About the Large-Button Remote:

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