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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 4:00 PM

XB7 Setup - Help

I just upgraded to 400MBPS and Xfinity sent me the new XB7 router.  

I have Wifi repeaters in the house - if it is worthwhile to mention.

I just unplugged my old router and went through the XB7 setup through the Xfinity app on my phone.

I made sure to name the SSID and password the same as my old setup.

Everything seemed to be fine but no internet.


I tried hard reset of XB7 through but the app keeps saying that it can't find the router.

Now I unplugged XB7 and went back to my old router.

Internet seems to be OK now but the phone app still says I don't have a configured router.

Either way, I need help setting up XB7 and make sure that all my repeaters and devices simply stay connected to wifi.


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