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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 3:00 PM

Unexpected Packet Loss & High Ping. Help!

Hey there,  


Really in need of some help. My wife and I pay for the Blast! internet and have been xfinity customers for years.  

As of recently (for about the last week), we have been experience very frequent and frustrating internet issues. Upon troubleshooting, we are experiencing 10-60% packet loss as well as random high ping (150-500). As such, playing games, streaming tv, etc. are not doable.  


The PC I am using for testing is a $1,700 build that is 4 months old. I am hardwired directly into a nice router I bought brand new at the same time I built my PC. The issue is not anything related to tech within our household.  


Could someone give me suggestion(s) on how to find the issue causing our packet loss?  


Also - what are standard up/down speeds I should expect from my Blast! package?  


Thank you,  

Josh & Lauren  


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